Our First Special Guest is Ann Short from the Maidensgrove Group Riding School for Disabled Children, who will give us a Talk / Presentation what they do for the children

​Your Ships Writer


Open to all Masons and Non - Masons

Please give a BIG Hand for our 2nd Comedian of the evening

We are delighted to present to you for our next act our Very Worshipful Admiral as LORD NELSON non-other than Nigel Graham and his sidekick HARDY staring our Doctor Roger Hagon, reciting a Comedy Script Called POLITICAL CORRECTION:   

The Lodge will be Opened by Singing ""What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?

Now it's time to take a break around 8.30 pm and experience our fine dining menu provided by our Local "" Inn of the Salt & Vinegar Fish & Chip Shop ""

Our Boson "Nelson" will be on the look-out for anyone miss behaving and fining accordingly to the severity of the incident.  

Our Shipmate Able Seaman Kevin Taylor will be providing our live music throughout the evening..

Nelson Cork Lodge 20th Anniversary Party on Saturday 25th May 2019

@ 5.30 pm

 Please give a big hand for our first Professional Comedian of the evening.... 

Now for all our budding singers, come and join "Kevin" and show us what you can do .. Crib sheets will be provided via a TV Screen of the song of your choice.

The Bar is open throughout the evening 

Raffle Tickets will be dispersed for CASH Before the Entertainment Commences for the 2nd Part of our program: